oh wait! I DO still have children

As long as I have these two…going out of their way to tease and swipe at one another only to look me straight in the eye declaring their innocence because, clearly, SHE started it!

This one has been especially needy the last couple weeks…and who could blame her as she too is missing Buster a lot. Betty has been Buster’s devoted companion, sister and friend for the last 8½ years. Grief sometimes makes you needy and it’s okay because it’s grief.

And this one who is incredulous that I would put her in her pet carrier to take to the vet for a checkup after ALL that she did for me when I needed her most. Trust me, Zelda, EVERYONE at the vet heard all about it.

Such is life here under The Big Top…it’s a freaking circus! Yeah, I love it.