a coincidental Throwback Thursday

Twenty three years ago today, Bill, Zoë and I found ourselves together in a hospital.

What fun we had that day!

And although we certainly did not plan it, nor did we really want it to be this way, here we all were again today in a hospital celebrating life.

As you can see, Zoë now has the ‘fro and Bill has the “brand new Zoë” ‘do.

What a great birthday gift it was that her Daddy is up and walking, feeling better and hugging his little girl on her 23rd birthday!

Happy birthday to our wonderfully weird, gorgeous force of nature that is Zoë Elizabeth!


One thought on “a coincidental Throwback Thursday

  1. Happy, happy birthday Zoe! So excited that you got the very best birthday present ever.

    Please give Bill a big hug from me and tell him I’m thinking about him. So glad he’s doing better!

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