If you are going to live under this Big Top, you got to learn to adapt because it can be a crazy circus.

Zoë’s Albert is doing just that…finally. It helps that he can open doors so that he can pretty much go where ever he desires.

Currently that would be in Daniel’s room, Yeah, that is going over REAL well.

Daniel continues to struggle with work on adapting. Not the first trait that pops into your head when you think about someone living on the Spectrum.

At least he is not alone in adapting to Albert taking up temporary residence here under The Big Top.

I’m betting that Daniel will adapt to Albert opening his bedroom door and chilling in his room under his bed faster than Zelda will adapt to Albert period.


2 thoughts on “adapting

  1. I’m not sure exactly what I’m seeing in that top photo, but my brain keeps telling me that your cat is wearing half a bowtie.

    • that is a bowtie. The other half was tucked under it somehow. Albert has had that since he was a kitten. He actually likes wearing it.

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