no apologies for the cuteness

With holidays comes adorable Easter dresses.

Bonus if they are dressed alike because what can be more adorable…

…especially when the darlings are at an age where they can’t really complain and protest. Actually at this age they LOVE it! So seize it while you can.

It’s a very narrow window of time when you can truly get away with such cuteness…

…and enjoy the total cooperation; because it’s fun that we are all dressed the same!


Remember that when the day comes (and it WILL come) when the kids look at these memories and then back at you wondering out loud, “What the hell were you thinking, Mom?!

Then you smile back at them because you have no apologies for such cuteness and you are absolutely certain that someday they will do it to their children too.

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3 thoughts on “no apologies for the cuteness

  1. This is hilarious because I do not like matchy matchy. Alexis, however, LOVES it so there is a lot that happens.

    A LOT.

  2. Too cute! I can actually remember seeing some of those cute ensembles in person. Happy Easter to all the clan!

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