my opinions bring all the trolls to the yard

Tax Day yesterday! And like most Americans who are not part of the 1% who enjoy the 20% tax bracket and who end up owing more taxes than they paid…even if they enjoyed unemployment and under-employment during the 2014 tax year, we waited until Tax Day to officially file.

We also imagine that Janis Joplin would take the sting out of this when we drop it off at the post office. Yes, I was humming Cry Baby as I dropped it off. I stopped praying for Lord to buy me a Mercedes Benz a long time ago.

Then I see this tweet:

And, because Hillary’s campaign follows me and I felt like answering back, I did:

I had a thought, an opinion and I expressed it. Not a ringing endorsement for Mrs. Clinton. No. It’s just me stating that as I dropped my taxes off at the post office in between choruses of Cry Baby, I thought those thoughts too.

Which, of course, brought all the trolls to the yard.

Because, of course my tweet confirms that all I want is a hand out…for me…for my family…for everyone. And I am voting for Hillary too.

Trolls are discerning that way.

They also have nothing better to do with their time.

Here’s the thing dear trolls, especially the gentleman from Texas with your Broadus generalizations, although I am obviously a Democrat, I am not necessarily ready for Hillary. I like her. I like her a lot. I have always thought her to be an exceptionally smart woman. There is nothing wrong with a smart woman. Smart women are pretty awesome. But is she my candidate for 2016?

I’m not sure.


Truthfully, I am not sure of any candidate who has so far tossed their hats into the ring. Some I can not agree with or endorse ever. Some I just don’t believe are qualified. And Hillary? I’m afraid that regardless of her qualifications what will happen will be four more years of the what we have right now. A President unable to effectively lead with a Republican Congress who have time and time again stated they will do everything in their power to insure that the President can not lead; which I can not imagine is a government for the people by the people.

Scrolling through the trolls’ timelines, it would seem that you all aren’t too happy with Boehner, McConnell, McCain and company either.

At least we can agree on that.

Sad that we can not agree to disagree.

Gird your loins, people! 2016 is going to be all kinds of ugly.