for the uncommon dad

Father’s Day is coming!!!…because June is all about the dads…and the grads…and the brides.

That’s my darling husband adding the grads and brides with just a hint of snarky bitterness because dads must share June with grads and brides and…then I roll my eyes just a little reminding him of the fact we married the day before Mother’s Day on his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary which, 13 years later would also be our 4ht circus clown’s birth day.

Whatever, my darling husband!

But this year especially, we are all about celebrating dad…my kids’ dad because so many reasons and yes, we intend to celebrate him being here to celebrate everything with us for as long as we can because he is…here.

The thing about my darling husband, the father of my children, is he likes to celebrate Father’s Day in his own uncommon way. Please, no ties or golf or gardening stuff. Just let him chill with the family, grill some meat, enjoy a brew or more and maybe fall asleep watching a movie on Netflix.

Perfect Father’s Day level unlocked.


Even easier now, the challenge of finding the perfect Uncommon Father’s Day gift for our uncommon dad here under the Big Top is not so challenging after all because this dad definitely does not want or need another necktie. Of course he is not the only Uncommon dad which is why I am sharing with you all now Uncommon Goods and the wonderful, uncommon gifts for dads, grandfathers, husbands, boyfriends and more. From the grillmaster dads to the sporty dads to the geeky dads to the musical dads to the veteran grand dads to the newborn dads, Uncommon Goos has so many original gifts to choose from that is most definitely not your ho-hum necktie kind of Dad’s Day gift.

For our Uncommon dad the perfect gift was something to enjoy and share a little refreshment while doing exactly what he is wanting to do this Father’s Day.

Chilling with the family, grilling some meat, enjoying a brew or more and maybe falling asleep watching a movie on Netflix.

The perfect Father’s Day celebration unlocked.

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