seven years of pink

For Hazel’s seventh birthday today…

YES!!! Hazel is SEVEN!!!

But back to the story…for Hazel’s seventh birthday today what she wanted more than anything was a day in her mama’s chair at her mama’s salon. And what she wanted most of all was pink hair.

Of course, she would. Because she is Hazel and she is a lot of pink. No, not the girly, girl kind of pink with ruffles and lace and bows.


Not Hazel.

Hazel is a sassy pink, a brassy pink. She’s a pink that you can’t help but notice…even if the last thing that she wants is for you to notice. But you can’t help but notice this girl, this pink girl.

So, because it is her seventh birthday, and her (currently) purpled hair mama gets her pink little girl, she delivered.

The perfect pink for a girl with so much brass

and sass

and sassafrass.

So much like your (currently) purpled hair mama and more.

Happy SEVENTH birthday Hazel Faye, our gloriously pink girl.


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