when you finish

Books can be wonderful sometimes. To me, books are like adventures…like life is to me. Oh the adventures they have taken me on with so many highs and lows, laughter and sadness, tears and fears, and on and on my friends. Again, just like this life of mine.

Some books you just can’t wait to get to the end because you just can’t wait to see how it ends. Then there are some where while you are on that reading adventure you find yourself dreading the approach of that last chapter, that last page, that last paragraph, that last sentence and that last word because you just don’t want this adventure to ever end. Then there are the ones where oh-dear-god please let this be over because it is that bad. Thankfully, there aren’t too many like those.

But the best are the ones that begin with so much promise of wonderful. You just know that you are in for a great adventure. And it proves to be so with you making many, many wonderful memories page after page. Yet even these sometimes bring tears and frustration. Still you hang in there because all in all it is that good of an adventure. Even when some of the main players prove to be nothing like you thought they were and they disappoint you and sometimes even hurt you, you still read on because it’s that good.

It’s. That. Good. Of. A. Book.

No regrets today as I finally closed that book. I’m glad that I opened it up and lived its adventure. I’m even more glad that it’s done…

…metaphorically speaking.😉

On to the next adventure!

Any book recommendations?