ready to shake your hand

Six years ago a friend of mine met my darling son for the very first time. As I introduced him to Jessica, Daniel extended his right hand and as he shook hers he said, Hello, I’m Daniel”. And with a firm handshake, my friend and coworker met Daniel face to face for the first time. A day later, I received a message from Jessica telling me how impressed she was that my 7 year old little boy shook her hand and said hello. Clearly his introduction made an impact on her as she reached out to me to share.

Yes, that’s my boy. That’s who he is. Who he has been for as long as he has been old enough to respond when his mom would introduce him to someone.

Hello. I am Daniel.

My baby boy always would reach out and offer his right hand to say hello. Without hesitation. My boy. My baby boy.

Hi, I’m Daniel.

His Dad and I lost count this weekend how many times our son would extended his hand, without our prompting, to say hello and introduce himself to his father’s colleagues at Dad’s company picnic and then the next day to his sister’s co-workers at his niece’s birthday party.

Perhaps this is not what one might expect from the average thirteen year old kid given the reaction from the people who work with Bill and with Hollie; but this is my baby boy, my young man. This is who he is and who he has been. He shakes your hand…or he might reach out to hug you. Fair warning that if you choose to accept his extended hand and introduction he will follow with a discourse on Lego figurines, Nintendo game or, perhaps, the absolutely perfect birthday card he chose (by himself) for his niece. Just go with it. Accept it. Allow yourself to be educated, enlightened and consider yourself so damn lucky to enjoy a hearty handshake and introduction from this remarkable young man



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  1. Call me sappy, but I teared up at my desk reading this message. I am continually impressed by Daniel. I look forward to the day I get the honor of meeting him in person and having him extend his hand to me, or better yet, give me a hug. You have an amazing son, but you already know that.

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