more parenting in a land of monsters

It’s hard to believe that just six days ago this was shared on my Facebook timeline

Shared by family and friends living in the Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay area and soon posted by people literally everywhere and by news and media all over California as well as local and state police agencies. As it became viral, the search for this little girl who disappeared while playing in and around her apartment complex intensified. Even the FBI became involved in the investigation of 8 year old Madyson’s disappearance.

And I then recalled the little girl in my neck of the woods who vanished while skipping along the street where she lived.

Then literally 24 hours later, the most tragic of outcomes was realized.

The worst possible monstrous outcome.

Which led me to think back – way back – to another 8 year old and 15 year old sadistic monster. A young monster who beat, tortured, stabbed and eventually murdered little, pajama-clad Melvin Ancheta, ignoring the little boy’s pleas for his life offering all that he had – sixty cents. Twenty two years ago, people in Northern California were shocked over such violent cruelty as we held our own children closer to us. It was this case in particular that led to the tougher laws that will allow for Madyson’s killer to be tried as an adult. 

None of this will bring back little Madyson, nor help us understand just as we can never really understand anytime a murderous, senseless tragedy happens no matter how close to us or that we are removed from. Still, one can hope for, at the very least for justice for another child taken so violently while at play as happy, innocent children do. As a community mourns and parents hug their children even more, all we can hope for from this is justice for Madyson.