literally not the best time to buy shoes

Here is where it confess that when it comes to my feet, I am the biggest, prissy Princess and the Pea kind of person ever. Perhaps it is because more than 25 years of spending 12 hours or more on my feet during busy shifts I have come to realize that I must be kind to my feet and they will return the favor. Because of that I would be the last person to wear new shoes to run a half marathon or to a wedding as a bridesmaid or to work without breaking them in just a little bit…or perhaps a lot.

I’m a big baby when it comes to my feet.

So it should come as no surprise when packing for a 5 day trip to Arizona which would promise lots of of walking…LOTS OF WALKING…all over the ASU campus and parts of Tempe, I packed shoes meant for walking…walking all over ASU everywhere for a few days.

I’m a sensible kind of woman…

…and a big baby when it comes to my feet.

Then came time to pack Daniel’s suitcase and as I am doing so he comes to me and says, “You know mom, my shoes have been too tight lately.” I refuse to feel guilty because he is a thirteen year old boy. He can absolutely put on his own shoes. Yes, I should be checking for fit since he is on human growth hormones. I should. But the thirteen year old boy can come to me and tell me his shoes are too tight and he did.

Mom win!

Hurray for new kicks for Fall Break. Hurray for new kicks for the thirteen year old boy that are NOT little kid sized! We like that. We like that a lot.

So off to Arizona and ASU we go.

This sight makes me happy for so many reasons.

After almost two days and literally ten miles of walking everywhere there are sore feet and blisters.

Perhaps not a mom win!

Definitely not a mom win.

Also it would seem that I am not the only Princess and the Pea kind of person when it comes to feet and shoes. Thank goodness he packed some flip flops.

Thirteen year old boy win!

And this, this is an all-around win.

He can work on breaking in those new kicks when we get home tomorrow because Fall Break goes on for the rest of the week with, hopefully, not as many miles to walk each day…he hopes.