because if you make goals you actually have to complete them

At least when it comes to annual performance goals. It seemed so simple, so easy, so attainable…well perhaps not so easily attainable…but, as my thirteen year old son now says pretty much every day: well then YOLO. He then will carefully explain that YOLO means you only live once; and he’s right. YOLO. So I decided to make for my goal for my annual review to attend a nursing conference some time this year.

Tick tock, tick tock…

Still attainable with some planning and saving and juggling…lots of juggling. YOLO! So I put that down for my professional development goal and submitted it and did not think much of it until two months later at my annual performance review when I was reminded of the goal that I made for myself.

Still might be attainable.

Then distractions…family, a health crisis, kids schools…easy to convince myself there wasn’t a good time to work on this goal. Then the right time to go and there was literally nothing going on.

Then finally, the right time, the right conference and YOLO! So much learning going on. So much the last three days that it’s a wonder my head did not explode.

It almost did.

But now, three days later, I am looking forward to a glass (or perhaps more) of this lovely petit sirah while I reflect on the final statement as the conference adjourned:

There’s room for evidence based medicine & there’s room for clinical expertise.

Because YOLO!