not the new black, but classic

Anywhere, everywhere…in the media…in politics…in business…on social media…in every day interactions it seems that telling it like it is is it. Better to be rude, crude and sometimes downright mean-spirited because why not say exactly what is on one’s mind? Enough with being correct, or polite, or even kind.

Compassion, patience, kindness for the sake of compassion, patience and kindness is so outdated.

Belligerent, mean-spirited, bombastic rhetoric is so much more honest…at least that is what they say…the belligerent, mean-spirited, bombastic, assholes being the they…yeah, I said that. But hey, it’s like the new black!

Continuing to work our way through Wonder, Daniel and I are pausing to reflect on this new black that so many seem to celebrate and embrace. As the main character (and those close to him) struggle with bullies being bullies…and not just kids…we are both struck with just how common place this really is even in our circles. Yes. It’s more than okay for one to tear down another for their obvious weaknesses, flaws, physical characteristics especially when building yourself up because it’s all about honesty and keeping it a hundred. Laugh when they fall down. Mock the ones you do business with. Respect, kindness, patience, compassion, acceptance…that’s so weak.

As Daniel and I talk about the chapters we read today in Wonder, he points out that it seems like it’s okay even for adults to bully those who look different, who think different…like that Donald Trump. Why do people like someone who is mean like that, Mom?

Why indeed, son.

Ultimately, I tell him (and myself) those who are more remembered, respected and modeled after are those who live a life of kindness, patience, fairness, compassion and respect for all…especially when they have absolutely nothing to gain from living such a life.

Because they’re classic people, right Mom?

Yes, Son. Classic. Classic just like you!