suddenly I see

Lately I hear it more and more…

My goodness, he’s grown so much!

I nod in agreement…sort of, kind of. Fine, I’m just being polite in that I-know-you’re-just-trying-to-be-encouraging way as I have for most of his life because sometimes it’s just not worth the effort to counter. If I did then I would have to explain and educate and…sometimes it’s just not worth the effort. So I nod like I am agreeing.

But lately I am hearing it more and more and more.

He’s grown!

Jodie pointed that out when Daniel and I visited her last month and it surprised me. I mean she had only been away from home for two months. But she insisted.

He’s gotten so BIG!!


And then suddenly, this weekend I saw it. I saw it in pictures of us standing side by side.

He is growing!!!