terror today

Today it happened again.


The 352nd mass shooting in the US this year. The situation at this time remains fluid with no real answers but most definitely a lot of speculation.

There are so many feelings about this here under The Big Top because our family has benefitted from two Regional Centers here in California just like the Inland Regional Center.  During Daniel’s first three years we were thankful for the services our family received by amazing, talented, loving teachers and therapists who gave their very best to help our child realize his very best potential. The people at these regional centers, like Inland ,care for the most innocent and vulnerable population of children and adults. Their clients and they did not deserve this. At dinner tonight, Bill and I talked about this recalling some of Daniel’s caregivers and the times we would spend at these facilities…so much time. It chills us to imagine today’s horror. No one at Inland deserved this. Not at all.

Then again no one who might go to school or to work or to church or to a shopping mall or to a movie theater or board a plane or just go about their daily lives deserves this. No not ever…anywhere.

News agencies all over speculate if this is an act of terrorism. Law enforcement agencies answer back that they do not know yet if this is an act of terrorism…foreign or domestic.

This is the 352nd mass shooting in the US on the 336th day of this year. We live in a country where we keep a list of people who are presumed to be so evil, so violent and volatile and untrustworthy that they cannot fly on an airplane. Even after going through a metal detector and a body scan and probably being patted down, we won’t even let them board an airplane, and yet, we let those same people buy guns. They can’t fly, unarmed, on an airplane, but they can walk into an elementary school with a gun they obtained legally. We live in a country where people who go to school, to work, to church, to a mall, to a movie theater and now to a center that serves developmentally disabled children, adults and their families are gunned down. This is a real thing. This the reality that we live in…that my children live in, that my grandchildren live in.

Officials aren’t certain yet if this is a terrorist incident?

If we live in a place where people can legitimately fear that they will be shot…like today when three people dressed in tactical gear bearing weapons walked into the Inland Regional Center…it is absolutely a terrorist incident. Victims were absolutely, positively subjected to acts of violence and threats to intimidate, coerce and exact bodily harm or death. In time, investigations might bring today’s tragedy into better focus but regardless who or why today was an act of terrorism. Make no mistake about that.


3 thoughts on “terror today

  1. I was shocked and saddened to hear of yet another massacre in your country. It truly makes my blood boil to think of how easily these terrorists can make a decision to take the lives of innocent people. My heart and prayers go out to all those families affected, including yourself. When will this senseless violence end?

    • foreign or domestic, it doesn’t matter. this was terrorism and it angers me so that this is my children’s reality, my grand babies’ reality because it was not my reality when I was their ages.

      • It’s a new kind of terror that seems to have gripped us all today and it absolutely terrifies me that our children are growing up in this kind of world. You’re right – it was not our reality when we were their age.

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