doesn’t suck

So, yes, it sucks that the mom car decided to try and go up in smoke. It sucks that it will be in the shop at least until the weekend. It sucks even more that it’s problems ended up being more of a big thing which means even more repair costs. But you know what doesn’t suck?

Shannon, from Enterprise, where I picked up my loaner car, thought that I deserved something better than a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla or the tiny blue tin can in the lot that I have no clue what it was. Nope. Shannon felt that I deserved an upgrade.

Shannon might be on to something here. Driving this 2016 Dodge Charger, I was beginning to agree with Shannon. This does not suck.

Daniel might agree too. This kind of mom car does not suck at all.

And something else that definitely does not suck?

Picking up this girl from the airport…in the temporary mom car.


That definitely does not suck.