where I am the mother of a grownup

The reality of time marching relentlessly forward greets me every day I spend any time with my four adult aged daughters. Then there is the added nudge when one of them or another one or even all of them have to deal with adult things because adulating can b so hard.

Sidebar: when their Daddy and I were just starting the adventure in parenting, my darling husband was not sure that “parent” was a legit verb and he blamed the ridiculousness of it all on all the yuppies.

Meanwhile, Hollie and Ben are busy being adults and parents every day doing all the pretty hard things that is being adults and parents because parenting and adulting can be so hard sometimes…most of the times.

Then there are the times when you are doing things like buying furniture…REAL FURNITURE!!! No, not disposable furniture. You know, the kind that YOU put together with the provided Allen Key…coupled with cheap beer and definitely some cursing.

Hollie and Ben did just that recently, purchasing a new living room set to replace the garage sale set that replaced the hand-me-downs from the parents. Naturally they were excited because they bought furniture that they didn’t have to put together with an Allen Key or that they picked up from a neighborhood yard sale.

It’s like we’re really adults, Mom! We’re adulting!

No, this is grown-upping. Adulting is doing the things that suck but you have to do because you are an adult and that is what adults do…like pay your student loans or get up at 3 AM to deal with a barfy kid. Grown-upping is when you do cool things like make a big purchase and buy for yourself some nice furniture…that you don’t have to put together with an Allen Key…or cover with an afghan to hide the rips and tears and worn spots. 

Yesterday, my darling, first-born daughter turned 29 years old. TWENTY NINE!

She makes 29 look pretty amazing and awesome.

It’s because she does all kinds of grown-up kinds of things.

And me, I’m the mother of a grown up…an amazing, beautiful grown up.

That is kind of cool.



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