today’s mantra

Repeat after me:

I’m not getting sick. I’m a-choo not getting sick. I’m not a-choo get a-choo ting sick. a-choo I’m not getting a-choo a-choo a-choo sick.

To be repeated over and over again while sipping lots of hot, green tea with lemon.

It’s okay to occasionally take a break and nap and perhaps read something interesting like Florence Is Dead’s take on nurses passing off the bubonic plague as allergies since the 1960s.

I’m not getting a-choo sick…


4 thoughts on “today’s mantra

    • thanks. so understaffed it’s not even funny and bad form to call out sick on New Years Eve. 😉
      So far just sneezing…perhaps it really is allergies?

      • Most places I’ve worked, if you call off the day before, on or after the holiday you lose your holiday pay.. which is incentive to not call off… LOL. Glad it’s just sneezing! Fingers crossed.

      • Years ago I called off thanksgiving day because my so was being admitted for pneumonia. Got all kinds of grief which I could not believe. Six months later I left that facility.

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