little girl wishes

So you know what Fallon is wishing for?

No, what?

To be a big sister.


She even has a plan.

A plan?

Yes. I could have twins.


Yes, twins. That way there will be a baby for Hazel and a baby for Fallon.

So then they wouldn’t have to fight.


Seems legit.

Calm down boys and girls!!! There is no coming attraction baby or babies arriving anytime soon to join this circus act. But I did warn Hollie about little girl’s wishes and their prayers…powerful stuff they are.



3 thoughts on “little girl wishes

    • Lol. Not me for sure. My baby days are long gone. Truthfully, I’m not seeing any new grandbabies in the foreseeable future…right kids??!! Someday…when the time is right.

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