anniversary text

Early this morning, as I finished assessing, changing, weighing, measuring and feeding one of my three patients, I glanced up at the clock before charting…


And, like I have done practically every night at work for almost a year now, I glance quickly at my phone checking for missed calls or messages. I can’t help it. A lot has happened this past year and…it’s what I do…worry. But it’s okay. A lot has changed this last year.

A lot of good.

No missed calls…no missed texts…but three hours later, as my shift was ending…

Heart-felt texts from your darling husband are truly the best, aren’t they? Yes, I see what I did there.

Don’t worry. I’m good….he answers back.

Yes, heart-felt messages are the best.

No one tell him that tomorrow is actually the anniversary. We’re just going to celebrate the new life with so much gratitude.