therapeutic fun

They say that while coloring in coloring books can instill a feeling of well-being, promote creativity, and make people feel more at peace with and connected to themselves, coloring in adult coloring books is not art therapy. Nancy Gerber does a pretty good job explaining that.

Oh well! It still can be very relaxing and a fun, quiet way to pass the time. If only THIS COLORING BOOK was in my life twenty years ago when I spent over 100 days of complete bedrest…you’re welcome Jodie Grace!

Pausing for just a moment as I realize that OH MY GAWD that crazy pregnancy adventure was literally TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!

Meanwhile, zero fucks given at the moment about how beneficial adult coloring can be because busy coloring here.


4 thoughts on “therapeutic fun

  1. My sis gave me a coloring book for Christmas and I love it! Coloring is very calming.

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