getting good coffee karma

Off to school! But first, coffee, because Mom needs coffee.

Are you getting coffee, mom?

Yes. I need some coffee like right now.

:::yawning::: Can I get some too?


A frappuccino?

Don’t judge me. He’s fourteen and he does look a little ragged around the edges this morning. So in the drive thru, I order my usual caffeine fix and a caramel coffee frappuccino for my teenaged son.

The car in front of you paid for your drinks, Ma’am.

Cool! I’ll pay for the order behind me then

Why are you doing that, Mom?

Because the car in front of me bought our drinks.

Why would he buy our drinks?

Because it’s a kindness thing that people sometimes do.

I don’t get it.

Well, the man in front of us bought our drinks which is a kind thing and it makes me smile because he was kind and now I am in a good mood.

You are?

Sure. And now because I’m in a good mood I kind of feel like doing something kind so I’m buying the lady’s drink behind us.


Because I feel like being kind like the guy in front of me was to me. I feel like sharing.


Because I’m feeling kind and I want to throw all that kindness around like confetti.

I still don’t get it.

Well it’s good to share kindness with strangers. Sometimes just buying someone coffee is an act of kindness that can change their whole day.

Well, you could have bought my drink.

But the guy in front of us did. He was kind to us.

He didn’t have to.

Right! That’s what makes it a good thing to do. It probably made him smile so he will have a good day and it makes us smile and we will probably have a good day and now we share that kindness with that lady behind us and perhaps she will have a good day and share more kindness…

I still don’t get it. Can I have my drink now?

I look up and there is the barista smiling holding our drinks.

Have a great day!

Are you in a good mood now, Mom?

Yes I am.

I still don’t get it.

That’s okay, Daniel.



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  1. That’s lovely. Random acts of kindness can spread and really make a day (by the way, my son’s name is Daniel too).

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