from where the mean comes from

Anyone else find themselves almost ready to curl up into a fetal position after last night’s GOP debates?


Just me?

Okay then.

Still, moments like this are disheartening. This is the world our children are growing up in…my son…my grand daughters. This is a world where it is perfectly okay to be mean, to push and shove and scream to get your point across, to laugh at the expense of another’s adversities and to justify it all with the banner that we are a tell-it-like-it-is, no-bullshit-here kind of person. A bitch with balls is the new black and kindness is like a pair of parachute pants…or whatever garish fashion that no one should wear ever again is.

Sure I try to focus on the good out there like coffee karma and strangers in Target actually making eye contact and smiling hello, but events like last night, with the audience wildly cheering and social media exploding with insults and put downs make me wonder where did all this mean come from?

Today I, along with several hundred very proud parents, attended the honor roll and character awards assembly at my son’s school. Daniel, as always received accolades for the kindness and fairness that he is known for as well as honor roll and, naturally, I was very proud. But the glow of my son’s hard work and his own pride, as well as the rest of his classmates receiving awards was tarnished. Sitting next to me were two mothers and a grandmother. The three of them, like me, were excited for the assembly celebrating our kids as well as Spring Break that would commence as soon as the assembly was over. But there was more for them to discuss…so much more. One of the moms shared her frustration over the fact her precious snowflake would not be receiving a Character Counts award because she received detention.

I don’t care what the Vice Principal and that teacher say, she was not bullying that kid over her stupid hearing aids!!! I mean she has known her since kindergarten and she suddenly starts wearing hearing aids to school. Of course my kid is going to question that. She has every right to. 

Yup! Her sweet child apparently targeted a hearing impaired classmate. The ladies discussed this for some time until they were distracted by a student taking the stage.

That’s her!, the mom hissed.

Oh my god, she IS wearing hearing aids!!! What’s that all about?

But then another student took to the stage and the second mom had to point out the ridiculousness that was the youngster’s hair twists.

Yes, they were making fun of a child’s hair.

The criticisms continued because there was literally something to say about at least one or more student in each class…their weight, their shoes, how they are dressed, their mother who is crazy, the mostly absent father who drinks…

The mean, where does it come from? Honestly, it is everywhere around us…at our kids’ schools, their after school activities, the workplace, Target, ALL over our social media timelines and even church. People just like you and me are more than okay to express what they are really thinking because they are all about honesty and telling it like it is…even directed at children. Sadly, these people, just like you and me, also profess how they want their children to grow up to be good, kind, respectful…you know, all the traits that they themselves seem to lack. What’s that old saying again?…children learn by what they live.

The mean, it starts here with us…and it should, it must end with us. But how? We start with kindness, fairness and respect for all always…the kindness, fairness and respect we imagine that we are deserving of we share unconditionally with everyone.

It starts right here with me, with you, with us all.



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  1. You’re right, it’s a mean and frightening world out there but I refuse to believe that if we all do our bit for the sake of good and kindness and respect that we can’t help but make a difference. Every little bit helps.

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