what doesn’t run in the family

Does it come to a surprise to anyone that not one of my children seeks to follow in my career footsteps?

When Zoë was a small child, while walking in my workplace, she was quite impressed with overhead pages for Dr. M, Radiology or Dr. C. Labor and Delivery Stat! 

Do they call for Nurse Scarborough Stat!?, she asked.

No. Oh no!, I laughed as I tried to explain the little world where I worked within the hospital. Of course this was years and years before Vocera.

As a small child, Hollie was quite impressed with the fact that her mommy wore what she believed to be my jammies to work…perhaps because there may or may not have been times where I literally passed out from the exhaustion that was juggling working full-time overnight shifts while caring for and feeding and shuttling her and her sisters to school and outside activities. In spite of the constant state of exhaustion that was my early juggling days, she was impressed enough with what I do to explain to one of our neonatologists that her mommy was a nurse and everyone knows that it’s the nurses who do everything in the NICU. I should have tried to explain to Dr. C that then 4 year old Hollie might not be 100% accurate except for the fact I kind of liked the fact that 4 year old Hollie appreciated just how hard nurses like me worked when Dr. C. would present her almost illegible orders. Dr. C. might not have been amused with Hollie’s observation but she was impressed that my child admired that which her mommy did in the NICU…unlike her own children’s view.

Abby once told me that she wished to be a baby doctor or baby nurse because she really didn’t care much for blood and stuff…until I carefully explained to her just how much blood and stuff there is in the NICU.

Daniel and Jodie have never not expressed any interest in nursing…then again they never have said that they wanted to be a nurse either.

Oh well!

It’s okay.

As long as they appreciate that which I do…in order to try to give them the best life possible. And they do.

700 miles from home, Jodie has been sick with pneumonia. Of course it has been hard because she has been so miserably sick, just in time for midterms; and because, in her words, more than anything, she wished that her mom was there to take care of her…instead of her spending so much time in Student Health Services wearing a mask lest she somehow infect everyone else at Student Health Services, who is already as sick as she is. How my mom and other nurses manage to wear these masks and breathe I’ll never know!, she wonders.

Altoids are your friend, I might tell her. But hey, she has a whole new appreciation for her mama when she is caring for a ventilated patient in strict isolation.

If you only knew, darling daughter…if you only knew.

Meanwhile, I got me a sweet new stethoscope.

Of course it is a nurse’s stethoscope!