the stupid that is easy- BreEZe

Remember the drama-trauma that was me trying to renew my RN license after speaking to the new head of my department for the very first time? Remember how I set a calendar alert for myself so that bullshit would never happen again?


I got that reminder yesterday so naturally I sat down last night to renew my RN license and THIS time it would be oh so easy-breezy.


Heh, again!

Logging on…Shit! I can’t remember the password…the password created with a capital letter, two numbers and a symbol, an inspiring message, a spell, a gang sign, a hieroglyph and the blood of a virgin…the password I created TWO YEARS AGO and have no use for  until today, two years later.

Okay, maybe I was not prompted to include the blood of a virgin. Perhaps I am exaggerating. Only slightly though. We ALL know the ridiculousness that has become creating strong passwords.

So I can’t recall the password so I click on  I Can’t Remember The Password and answer the security questions and wait for a new temporary password.

These emails arrived. Upon opening I discover that the password has been reset but no password sent.


Multiple attempts and requests to tech support and following the instructions to check the spam files and close the browser and try, try again and the result is my account is locked.

Oh yes this oh so easy and BreEZe…said no RN ever.

Or nursing students just trying to get their license in the first place!


But today is a new day.

No different than yesterday.


So I CALL the BRN tech support. Perhaps speaking to a real, live human shall make it even easier, breezier. Sandy listens to my troubles, my checking the spam folder, my closing my browser and reopening, my using Safari and Chrome and Firefox and my frustrations and…

Are you doing this on your smart phone or your tablet?

My laptop, Sandy.

Well there have been issues with Windows 10…

I’m using my MacBook.

Ohhhhh!!!! It’s a Mac! Well we have had problems too with Mac.

Windows and Mac?!

Yes. Also you might try another browser because there have been issues with Safari and Chrome and Firefox. You might close all your browsers and use Internet Explorer.

:::counting to ten…:::

Sandy, could you possibly just unlock my account and send me a new password.

Oh sure. It’s unlocked. I’ll send you a new password but please close your browser and reopen.


Okay then. Do you have my email?


Did you check your spam…


Okay…Um, I will stay with you on the line until you get it except I really can’t because there are other RNs who need help and I have to be available…have you received the email yet?

No, Sandy.


Maybe send it again?


Oh, here is the email. 

Oh good! You know I really can’t spend more time than…

Fine Sandy.  Just pray.


Thank you, Sandy. Bye Sandy.


Whatever! I have a temporary password and I am on my way to getting my RN license renewed…as soon as I reset my password with all the symbols and numbers and capital letters and haikus that in no way whatsoever resemble my original password…whatever the hell that was…and as soon as I take the questionnaire about my ethnicity and how many hours I work and how many of those hours is actually patient care  and …good gawd, can I just give my credit card number and move on???

Suddenly, my email box pings.

and pings again..


and more…

Stop BreEZe!! You’re drunk! Just stop!!! I have my license already! Stop!!!

Just chill BreEZe. You, me and Sandy will hook up again…in two years when it’s time to renew my license again…because I am certain that I won’t be able to remember my password and you all will still be just as not-so easy BreEze-y as ever….YEE!!!