goodbye Lindsay Lohan

You quietly came into our circus life the Spring of 2003 when you were young, bright, shiny and red. You pretty much did everything expected of you with pretty much no protest at all. You accompanied me to work, which was a long haul commuting back and forth to the Bay Area from the Central Valley and back again three days a week. You didn’t seem to mind when young Hollie came along for the ride so that she could visit a boyfriend. I could always count on your company taking little Daniel to all of his therapies and many doctors’ appointments all over the Central Valley and Bay Area.

Then came the time where it was Hollie’s turn with you.

You, dear Lindsay, was given a curfew then. You can thank Hollie for that. Her sisters certainly do. I know I do as well because literally giving the car a curfew was the most brilliant parenting decision ever.

Soon enough, Zoë was spending her time with you.

You can thank her for your name, darling Lindsay. She called you Firecrotch but soon dubbed you Lindsay Lohan after I told her that she could answer her little brother’s question, what’s a firecrotch?

By then, you had already been through so much…and it was beginning to show…but it was Abby’s turn.

Poor Lindsay! Never has anyone fought over you so much as Zoë and Abby did…as two very independent sisters forced to share a car might. But soon came the day where they weren’t sharing you…or borrowing mom’s minivan. Oh happy day! By then, dear Lindsay, you weren’t looking so good…you weren’t sounding too good…you kind of didn’t smell good…and you were a dirty, dirty girl, Lindsay Lohan!

Jodie, surprise, surprise, did not want to hang out with you, Lindsay. Oh well!

So basically your adventures ended with Abby and her adventures…

until today…

Goodbye Lindsay Lohan! Thank you for so many memories, so many adventures. You are off to do a little more good and I am quite certain that you will get around…at least parts of you.


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  1. Haha! So funny! “Firecrotch” always makes me laugh. Some cars are so loyal, to the point that they just can’t go anymore. Good read.

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