throwback Thursday – the car that screams MOM edition

Mini vans.


Love them.

Loathe them.


Since 1993 I have been driving a mini van…and briefly a full size van….UGH! Literally the only good thing about that gigantisaurus Ram Van was the comfort that my first child was surrounded by something so solid while she was driving for the first time and I was trying not to freak with anxiety and worry while she was out and about driving everywhere. But that blip aside, I have been almost always hauling this circus act of mine in a mini van.

A mini van can stir up so many strong feelings. I know…a mini van! But for some there’s a whiff of defeat with every minivan purchase. It screams, “Mom” and not in a complimentary way, it’s more of a, “You’ve got Cheerio’s stuck in your unbrushed hair” way.

Kristin Cruz, you NAILED IT describing those mini van feelings.

I am certain too many times I have driven here, there and everywhere in my mini van with unbrushed hair because what mom juggling, caring and feeding five growing children has time to brush her hair? But I am certain that that there were no cheerios in my hair…tube feeding vomit, snot, my own tears perhaps…never, ever cheerios or defeat…ever. I was a mom, hauling my circus act hither and yon and what could make it easier than my mini van with auto sliding doors everywhere and so many seats that I could separate all the kids so none could ever touch the other ever.


They can sit in their carseat with their hands waving out the open window at their own kingdom that is their hometown.

Yes, that is my throwback to ten years ago…my sweet, dimpled four year old Daniel enjoying the ride that was mom’s brand new ride, mom’s mini van.

Yes, that’s me quietly sobbing because ten years ago! How can it be?! But it is so. It is ten years later and this mom really has no need for a car that screams MOM!…even if I forever will be a mom. And in spite of Fallon’s love for the Mima Car, as she calls it, I do believe I have outgrown the mini van.   It’s time to downsize just a little to a Ford Escape…Escapé for the Dory fans out there.

Yes, I’m still quietly sobbing because ten years later. How can it be?!

And the new car? I imagine it still announces MOM and MIMA especially at the school drop-off and pick-up, as well as Tae Kwon Do and tutoring and everything else with this teenaged son of mine and, occasionally with the grand babies.