smiling on the inside

Remember when pundits like cousin Joe declared that Hillary needs to smile because, after all, she just won big on Super Tuesday? That was something because she did do well and she was probably feeling pretty good, as candidates who do well in caucuses and primaries must feel. But really, cousin Joe? Really? Might you want to see jubilant exuberance like say Howard Dean because that certainly was not winning. I don’t know…just as much as I don’t know what to think about any of the choices presented this election cycle but I’m less worried about any of the candidates smiles…male or female…and more about their ability to assume the highest office of this country and effectively LEAD. With the ugly that is so much about this election cycle what is there to smile about, whether they win a state primary or not? Male or female candidate?

Now here’s something you should never tell a woman: Smile. Relax. Calm down. Drink less…I’m not saying it’s a double standard but let me tell some of the people they are not telling to smile…

Bernie Sanders

Ted Cruz

Donald Tru…er…Drumpf.

Or even Grumpy Cat.

…there are plenty to make Hillary smile like her daughter, her grand daughter, when there’s a sale on pant suits. But it’s not just Hillary. It happens to women all the time. I hear women complain that when they are walking down the street men will say ‘SMILE’; which is crazy. Who walks in LA? Nobody. And besides if you did walk around smiling all day people would say ‘wipe that smile off of your face’ You can’t win. You just can’t win.

I’m not against smiling. I think that we all should do it more. Women, men, cats,…Clint Eastwood…all of us. But we should do it on our own terms.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres’ monologue on her show yesterday was absolutely, positively, exactly what I wanted to say.

As for me, I do try to smile…when I feel like smiling. Nothing can direct my day (and those whom I encounter) than when I can look someone in the eye and smile. But seriously, don’t tell me to smile…or to relax…or calm down…or drink less. When I smile, it is on my own terms and now, especially in this phase of my life, it is guaranteed to be genuine and from my heart and soul.

We are so much more than smiles.


Beautiful? Of course! But so much more. So talented, smart, practical, strong, resilient, creative and quite capable as anyone else…perhaps more so.

And just like the guys, we are smiling on the inside! But if you tell us we should smile….well…