I obsess

Are you surprised?

I am wired to obsess and I am pretty good at it too.

My kids, my darling husband, my Spring Cleaning/We Must Downsize All The Things Now list, my grandkids, the upcoming biennial NRP recertification megapode test, my…



Just one of 456,789 reasons why I might obsess just a wee bit over my circus clowns because no matter how young or old your children are they always manage to scare the shit of you…which means today that the ER staff at our local hospital might hate me just a little bit. Mom…Nurse…Mom…Nurse Mom…I literally can’t separate the roles when it comes to my children and grandchildren when they are in the hospital. Don’t worry. She’s okayish now.

As for the rest of my circus act, y’all best not be up to any crazy shenanigans because I want to focus my energies on my latest obsession this week.

And for my kids who do keep score…yes, tonight your sister is the favorite child! But I do still love you all! Behave yourselves!