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Coachella is underway and…

I am enjoying vicariously while running errands and waiting in the school pickup queue…parents and students you are very welcome for the awesome that is Mavis Staples.

The music turned up with the Central Valley April winds whipping up all the dust and sandy soil not held down makes it seem like we have almost been taken there.At least the drinks are cheaper here.

A couple of my girls were supposed to be there right now. Were. Sadly, life, bills, responsibilities got in the way because grown-up life is a lot like that. I’m going to imagine that credit for their making the hard adult decisions like selling one’s Coachella tickets and responsibly adulting is mine…awesome mom that I am.

Work…school…bills…major purchases…

Adulting problems, you know.

Then again…

Missing Kanye’s surprise appearance and the desert winds is, I am certain, disappointing. But sometimes hard work and responsible, adult choices can be fun.




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