the real struggle of the drop-off and the pickup

The drop-off:

Daniel? Daniel? Are you really asleep? 

Like a lullabye, eh? 

The struggle that is adolescence…

It’s real.

At the pickup, I ask him how was his day and he grumbles in the way that only a moody teenager can.

We had pizza for lunch and we were only allowed to have one slice of pepperoni pizza. Who eats just ONE SLICE of pepperoni pizza REALLY?!

I had to ask.

The struggle is real, y’all.

Have you made any plans for dinner, Mom?

Hmmm…how about pizza? I’ll even let you have more than one slice.

Come on, he’s a teenage boy! One slice of pizza is not never enough.

Definitely need more because the hormones, the growing teenage boy with the teenage boy hunger and all the moods absolutely, positively needs more than one slice of pizza.

Remember when we thought we would be tube feeding forever? Yeah, me neither.





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