childish things

It’s Tuesday y’all.

And today, Tuesday, I am struck with the fact that he’s not a little boy anymore. Truth be told, practically every day there is something that makes it clear that he is a more and more a young man.

The slouched, eyes forward, early morning exhaustion that is his posture as I take him to school.

The shadow of a mustache…YES, a mustache.

The moment, during a Target run, when he told me that he might need some deodorant because teenagers need it sometimes…sometimes? Heh.

And as we have been working on the Downsize The Big Top project, how he actually has been doing just that. Downsizing his things.

Well…except for all the Legos and the Hot Wheels. That pile in the picture above? Those are the donate and it is a very small pile. Those are part of the toys-for-little-kids-and-I-am-not-a-little-kid-anymore pile to be donated. He made that pile. The rest are now mostly separated and stored now in several Rubbermaid containers.

Save for a few to be displayed, admired which is not a kid thing at all.

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I pit away all of my childish things…yeah, well almost.





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