romantic, sexy 33rd anniversary celebrations: a how to guide

Nothing screams romance and sexy time anniversary celebrations than…

picking up boxes and packing materials at the neighborhood Home Depot…

and taking down all the photographs and art and knick knacks…

and packing up all the things…

because yes, The Big Top is moving and moving The Big Top is most certainly no easy undertaking…with these circus clowns???

Are you kidding???

Celebrating 33 years together with a weekend getaway or wine tasting or `a day at the beach or even a kitchen remodel is just so unoriginal.

Honey please!

Celebrating 33 years married together, my darling husband and I spend together organizing and cleaning and packing and preparing to move all the things because, yes, the Big Top is officially moving across town by next weekend. And because we are moving and we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, of course there is wine…wine in Solo cups because we have been packing up all the things.

New discovery: a really good Cabernet paired with a perfectly grilled rib eye is absolutely delicious in a Solo cup because, yes, you have packed all the wine glasses, bar ware, Mason jars, coffee mugs….the more you know.

So here’s to thirty three wonderful, crazy, exhausting, maddening years and to making more memories under the new Big Top.


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