it’s quiet uptown

Uptown, it’s quiet. It really is,

Well…except for the evening s’mores fueled entertainment and shenanigans…it’s quiet uptown.

Inside the new Big Top it is messy and crowded because in spite of aggressive downsizing, we haven’t downsized enough…and because there are boxes EVERYWHERE…and disorder…and mess…and I can’t park my car in the garage; which anyone who really knows me knows that this is a problem…a big problem.

But all will be fine here under the new Big Top…eventually.

For now, in between the unpacking and organizing and downsizing and making room in the garage for the Dory-car, and all the other stuff that must be done, we are going to enjoy the quiet uptown.

Right here, right now, I’m thinking the best decision ever in moving The Big Top was to have this sweet oasis set up…to escape the chaos and endless to-do list inside The Big Top…to enjoy the quiet here uptown…here…home.