the golden one

Today, the 8th day of June, Hazel Faye is EIGHT YEARS OLD!!!


And I shared first with Hazel, then on social media, how happy I am to spend some of this wonderful day with her, the one who named me Mima, as I have every year since the day she was born because she has filled our family life with so much delight, magic, brilliance and awesome.

She has.

And so we lunched and shopped because like Stars, Golden Birthday Girls are just like us.

They shop.

They laugh during dinner.

They try on birthday bike helmets.

They bask in the glow of their birthday candles.

And they blow out all the candles because today is their golden birthday.

See? Just like us.


3 thoughts on “the golden one

  1. Happy belated golden birthday, Hazel! Hope her day was as spectacular as she is. She’s such a beautiful girl, inside and out. (But how is it possible that she is . . . gasp . . . EIGHT!)

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