I will not look at my 401k, I will not look at my 401k…

So Brexit happened.

And the Prime Minister resigned and the Pound went into free fall and global markets dove sharply Friday as well and…I resist the overwhelming urge to check on my retirement account telling myself all the positive things. It’s is a mostly conservative fund based on the sage advice of my late father in law. My eggs in that fund are not all in one basket so to speak. We all should wait a little for the dust to settle and, hopefully…

I will not look at my 401K, I will not look at my 401K…

So much of this, the players, the rhetoric…I guess we aren’t the only ones jelled in crazy politics. Of course we aren’t.

But oh my god, how much more crazy can it get?

Well, this guy could get elected.

Shaking my head, I mutter to myself to not look at my 401K. Just don’t. Look somewhere else.

And I literally laughed until I cried because of all the glorious, perfect adjectives. All of them! People, we got to vote come November. We ALL must vote come November or someone who proves over and over again that he is manifestly unprepared for the White House, just might end up there.

Better be ill spoken of by one before all than by all before one. ~ Scottish Proverb


One thought on “I will not look at my 401k, I will not look at my 401k…

  1. I saw this yesterday on my feed and died laughing too. How can America elect someone who isn’t just ignorant of international politics, but so arrogant about his “capabilities”? If Trump is elected, America is going to hell slowly but surely.

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