the one that knows me best

That moment when you update your smart phone…

That moment when as you hit that update button and agree to all the terms of service (that your really did not read,even if you lied a little and hit the button that says you read all the terms of service) when you also light a candle, burn some sage, perhaps make a small sacrifice and pray…pray that it doesn’t take hours or turn your smart phone into a useless brick.

Yes! That moment!

Good times, fun times, always.

I got lucky this time. Ten minutes. That’s all it took before I was able to text with lasers…which is probably THE BEST thing…aside from the optimize storage feature, the data saving features, FINALLY able to delete the Apple Stocks app because I have never, ever used that app. But the coolest, yet disconcerting and perhaps creepy creeper creep feature has to be this.

I get into the car and my smart phone KNOWS I am going to works…HOW??!!

How? How does it know where I’m going when I am running errands? How??!!

You’re creeping me out iPhone. I appreciate the traffic update as I leave for work or Target or Safeway or Costco or the orthodontist or picking up Daniel at school or meeting Zoë for lunch or my massage appointment but at the same time I am a little bit creeped out right now. Not a clown-is-stalking-me creeped out but you are getting a little too close. But thank you, iPhone.

Until your next update…