parade maker

And now we will pause for a moment of parental bragging because when you are a parent who has a blog sometimes you do that.

My darling 4th daughter made a parade…for a university…for their homecoming. It’s kind of a big deal for the university and for the city of Tempe and my kid made it.

Of course a homecoming parade for Arizona State University is not something one creates over night. No. Months and months of planning and hard work and stress and emails and reams of paper and telephone calls and meetings go into it. Thank goodness for a great team, that you put together, backing you up, working just as hard as you are.

Yet when the night-before-the-parade nerves just might get the best of you, thank goodness for Mom to remind you that it’s going to be just fine because all those years of dance competitions and recitals and high school student leadership events has prepped you for a moment like this. Trust yourself, mom tells you, because you got this and so much more after this.

Like I said, it’s what moms do. Plus, your mom knows that you got this.

Yes you did, my darling daughter! Just like I knew you would.

And you did it wearing the most amazing fanny pack as Homecoming Parade Directors do!




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  1. That is SUCH A BIG DEAL!!! Wow! And she’s only a sophomore! I am so impressed, and you have every right to do some parental bragging. Your girl rocked it!!!

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