when you’re mad as hell

I think we can at least agree that some people, most people are mad about this General Election. If you’re like me, you are mad because a candidate who ran on a platform of fear against people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, women, doctors who supposedly rip a full term baby out of wombs, Obamacare, refugees and any other terror he could think of to stir up the masses won the Electoral vote and is now in position to be #45. If you’re not me, you are likely mad because people like me are mad and are standing there with your arms folded across your chest, tapping your foot impatiently and muttering a little. And all of that would be okay. The emotions and rage of the days, weeks, months and actually years that was the 2016 Presidential Election kind of gives us all a pass right now.

People seem genuinely mad right now and a lot less kind right now…even over the idea of a safety pin…and, at the friendly neighborhood Target, Safeway, Raleys, SaveMart and even Walmart near me, Proposition 67. The California Proposition that was placed on the ballot as a referendum to Senate Bill 270. The law banned single-use plastic bags and would have taken effect on Jan. 1, 2015. The ban took effect immediately, which means grocery stores, retail stores with a pharmacy, convenience stores, food marts and liquor stores will no longer provide single-use plastic carry-out bags to customers. So, if you forget to bring your own bag to the store, be prepared to pay at least 10 cents for a recycled paper bag or reusable alternative. This was something that was spelled out VERY CLEARLY in the voter guide and on the ballot itself. This would happen on November 9th…and it did.

It’s an adjustment for some. No big deal for others. I have been using reusable bags for years now thanks to my eco-conscious darling daughter…Mom, those plastic bags live forever and hurt wildlife, you’re hurting wildlife, Mom. Yes, I voted in favor of Proposition 67. So, stopping at my friendly neighborhood Target yesterday, I came in with 4 of my own reusable bags…because even if I was going into Target for just a few things, you KNOW I wasn’t coming out with just a few things.

In line with more than a few things I was audience to two very angry women berating the young store clerk because she was going to charge 10₵ for a bag for their more than a few things.

What is this BS? I did not vote for THIS?! Those stupid propositions aren’t supposed to happen until January. There is NOTHING in front of your store that says I have to pay for a stupid bag!…

Store manager approaching: Actually ma’am there is signage on our entrance as well as at every register. She points to the sign next to the register.

The loud argument continues because THIS my people is worth fighting for…but it’s not. The poor, young clerk looks like she is about to cry and I imagine she has dealt with this war against the right to have free plastic bags ALL DAY LONG.

Oh my god, people! The signage is EVERYWHERE! It has been ALL OVER THE NEWS since Wednesday. It’s the law. Get used to it!

As everyone is suddenly quiet I realize that, yes, I said that out loud.

But it shut the angry women up as they loaded up purchases, bag-less, into the shopping cart and leave. I smiled as warmly as I could at the clerk as I handed her my four reusable bags.

Proposition 67 is law now folks. Get used to it. There is so much more that we can be, and should be mad about post election.