nevertheless persisting

I might be entering the acceptance stage. Of course the stages of grief are fluid and somewhat circular rather than linear so acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean one is done. Consider the reality that one never does get over the loss of a loved one. You don’t. You just don’t ever. I tell you this because while I might be accepting the fact of who is currently  sitting in the White House, and on weekends in his imagined Winter/Southern White House, it doesn’t mean that I am okay with this. Dear god, no! Nor am I okay with the idea of a Winter White House or a Southern White House. It’s like fetch. It’s not a thing and it’s never going to happen so stop trying to make it happen. I do, however, like that I can insert a Mean Girls reference here.

Perhaps I am accepting what is America right now, but I won’t lie, it makes me mad. Acceptance mixed with anger. See? The stages of grief are not stages with defined, hard boundaries even when mourning the loss of America.

So I’m accepting resigned and a little mad. Okay, fine. I am a lot mad. As my darling husband explained to our son as I headed off to meet with like-minded folks here in the 209 to discuss plans and strategies to get our Congressman to have a real town meeting and talk about the issues that are important to us – which don’t even come close to what is important to his political BFF in the White House – they woke the Mama-Bear.

That’s right, Mama-Bear is woke and Mama-Bear is going to fight back hard and, thankfully, Mama Bear is not alone.