how does it feel

So I had a medial branch block in my lumbar spine on Monday and for a little more than 8 hours I was in pain-free heaven. I celebrated by over-doing it for several hours because there was no pain and because immediately after the injections, my doctor asked me to bend over and try to touch my toes.

I did.

I touched my toes and then  showed off a little and stretched just a bit more to touch the floor with my palms.

I have very long arms.

I was also showing off.

Then I cried. I cried happy tears because for the first time in months…many months, I was bending over and touching my toes and the floor and there was NO PAIN!!!




Yeah, I cried. Then I hugged the doctor and the nurse because there was no pain.

He brought me back to Earth reminding me that this block was only temporary; a test to see if the next step was an option. Go! Go for a walk…ride your bike…bend, stretch, reach for the sky…go do things he told me. Do all the things that you could not do without pain and write it all down in this Pain Diary.

My doctor asked me, a blogger, to write in a pain diary what I was feeling after the medial branch block.


In other news, hurry up Insurance gods and give your consent for the RFA procedure. I am so ready!


what she is wearing…again

Is there really anything more important than knowing what a woman, or a girl, was wearing? Because leggings on the plane offends. Obviously it offends much, much more than a guy boarding a plane wearing a t-shirt and shorts, with nothing under said shorts. Guys, you complain about our wearing yoga pants or leggings anywhere, especially if we are over age 20 or 110 pounds but trust me, dressed like that on a plane, in the coffee shop, at our friendly, neighborhood Safeway, at our kids’ school, and pretty much anywhere else is a big, fat eewww!

Dress codes, it seems, serve a purpose. Serving on jury duty here in San Joaquin County, I was mildly amused that the jury summons explains what is acceptable attire in a court room. The fact that they have to state no pajama pants means someone thought it was perfectly acceptable to wear pajama pants to Superior Court.  As for that United flight, while the young GIRLS were barred from boarding on their United employees and family pass because their attire was against United employees pass dress code, the adult male they were traveling with was allowed to board wearing a t-shirt and shorts  – gawd I hope that he was wearing underwear under said shorts! Unfortunately, dress codes also seem to focus overwhelmingly on what females wear as opposed to what males wear; which might possibly explain why dad’ shorts were acceptable “business attire” and the girls leggings were not. It’s policy, y’all. Leggings are inappropriate on a United flight when traveling with an employee pass.

We see your point, United.

And because prom season is coming upon us all, let us remember the importance of dress codes for high school formals. How else is one going to define a “good girl”?  Daniel will be graduating Middle School in two months and soon enough we shall be receiving similar dress guidelines that will expect boys to wear nice slacks, a button down shirt and optional tie under their graduation gowns. His female classmates will have a much longer list of fashion don’ts teaching the young teens that yes, what matters most is what she is wearing or how she wears her hair rather than what she does or says.

So it seems…still…in 2017.

our farce

In 1973, this is how I spent my summer vacation.

The fact that Mommy Dearest and my grandparents were okay with this amuses me because they all ascribed to the belief that if the sun is shining, all god’s children MUST be outside playing…in the sun shining down upon them. This parenting philosophy of course pre-dates the marinate the children in all the sunscreen protection. I know, we didn’t know any better then, Laura. Thankfully, the summer of 1973 was one summer of my childhood where I wasn’t suffering through an often blistering sunburn as a pale, ginger girl outside all day in the bright sunshine often did back in the day. Instead I was learning the lesson that: Never again must America allow an arrogant, elite guard of political adolescents bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a national election.

Here we are now.

Kids, remember when 45’s surrogates spoke of how wrong it would be to elect a president who is under an FBI investigation? Kellyanne Conway. Sarah HuckabeeMarco Rubio, Sean HannityHere we are.

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

~ Karl Marx