most honorable

So much heartbreak happened last night and in the light of day today in Manchester, UK and pretty much everywhere around the globe. Personally I recalled concerts past of bubblegum pop stars I might never include in my own personal playlist; but I would go to with my own children because there really is nothing better than making memories with your kids and music and dancing and singing together with your child and several thousand of your now close friends. I’m not a super fan of Ariana Grande – sorry, none of her hits are in any of my playlists – but I can imagine the magic and joy shared last night in Manchester followed by the unimaginable that I try so hard to push away while holding on to my own as tight as I can.

I’m not alone in this as we all try to process again terror; terror that targeted mostly children and young teens with their families as I have read so many heartfelt, emotional thoughts on my social media timeline. Jessica Gottleib’s on Facebook this morning struck a chord with me:

And the sharing began of the most honorable – teachers, bosses, mentors, priests, children and more – all which accomplished just what Jessica wanted. It warmed my heart, made me smile and feel gratitude because there are honorable people out there in the world, in my world:

  • a doctor who often breaks that therapeutic bubble that is the doctor-patient relationship taking the time to be on a first name basis with his patients’ families understanding that on some of the worst days of their lives a little bit of warm familiarity can be just as healing as the medications and treatments he prescribes.
  • a dance teacher patiently teaching a small group of children on the autism spectrum hip hop; patiently accepting where each and every one of her students is at on that spectrum because not one of them is the same. Her kindness, sensitivity and PATIENCE made it fun for that small class and for the audience who would watch them.
  • that Target lady, the one with the warmest smile and the kindest eyes framed by snow white hair that practically glows like a halo. Retail work can and is often a thankless job but she is one who does her job with so much kindness and gratitude and care that customers like me will gladly stand in what is often a long line just to bask in her genuine care and service.
  • a friend, recently retired pastor, who radiates so much kind positivity in his music, his thoughts on fractious current events and who on occasion will use his wide influence on social media to try and find just one more graduation ticket so a family can celebrate their son and brother’s day.
  • that one co-worker who is so much more than a skilled, kick-ass, rockstar NICU nurse because they make it look so easy and fun even when it is not. No, my colleagues, I am not going to name them. Just imagine that it is you, because it likely is. I do work with some of the most amazing people.
  • that one son of mine, who has shown us all a resilient strength that has been well-documented in this juggling adventure of mine. Truly the most kind, patient, fair, honest, honorable human being I have ever known is a young man who calls me Mom.

Tonight our hearts still break thinking of so many families in Manchester right now who are living the unimaginable; but at the same time, at least for me, I know that there is still good and it is so good and warm and bright.