because doing your taxes (or your kids’) isn’t nearly hard enough


Tax filing season! It’s got to be done, whether I want to or not. FAFSAs have been filed and well, mom and dad’s tax returns are needed to complete that little bit of fun. So receipts and papers are gathered and tax prep program purchased and ready to download…

Four and a half hours later….

still trying to download…

then thirty more minutes pass and there is this.


I seriously wanted to cry.

I did cry just a little.

Who cares about FAFSAs and taxes I know that we will owe and helping the kids file their EZ taxes.

Who the heck cares about any of that?!

This screen makes me want to cry.

My picture files….

My ancient, slower than my granny paced running time laptop with my precious picture files and my writing and, and, and, and…


I shut down the computer, wait a minute or two, or more then restart it and…


Please, oh please, please, please, please….

It takes forever to turn on and start because this laptop is old and decrepit. Hazel wasn’t  even born yet when this laptop was fired up for the first time.


It’s up and running.

I spent the rest of the evening before dinner backing up over 7,000 picture files from 2013 and the first two months of 2014 onto my external hard drive because…priorities, people!

Then after dinner I try one more time to download the tax prep program and…

…twenty minutes later it is downloaded, up and running and ready to prepare the taxes here under the Big Top. And I am a quivering, Jello-like mass of feelings and stress and tears.

So much for a tax prep program that wants me to be comfortable when filing my taxes.

The taxes will have to wait for another day.

it’s not like we exchanged marriage vows

Now when I said that my word for 2013 was EMBRACE I certainly did not mean, dear 2013, to throw as much stinky crap at me as you could in the FIRST FREAKING WEEK!


Sickies, cash flow problems, cars breaking down right after the holidays creating more cash flow problems with bills due NOW, family drama and trauma, more sickies with snot…lots of snot and fevers and aches and pains and coughing and headaches, tears…a lot of tears, throw in a snooty customer service rep from a certain online retail site who points out to you after THEY cancel an order that, according to email from them, was being shipped to you, that perhaps if you had ordered the combat boots you need back in October or November when they carried a FULL AND COMPLETE inventory you would have the combat boots you desperately need for your dancer’s competition dance as if you actually had KNOWN what faux combat boots your dancer would need back before the holidays…



Seriously 2013?

It’s not like we exchanged marriage vows promising all kinds of crazy love through sickness and bad times and poor times and frustrating times…

Er…did we?

At least I don’t think we did.

You know that I am already married, right? Celebrating THIRTY YEARS with my darling husband this May.


I still intend to honor my plan to EMBRACE this year but hey, 2013, lighten up just a little bit…please. At least while I am under the influence of this Dayquil/Nyquil cocktail.

Love and hugs,


something to appreciate

I got to work last night…only for a few hours covering lunch breaks, still, I was working last night. Oh, hey, I’m working, earning money which is most excellent. I have missed the babies and my colleagues and wearing scrubs for weeks…maybe even months. I really have missed it all a lot. I really appreciate the fact that the census has picked up and instead of being cut from the schedule I am being called and asked to come in to work..a lot…compared to not at all.

I really appreciate being able to do what I am educated and trained to do.

I appreciate the ability to actually pay my bills…or at least try to catch up on them. Of course this means that I will appreciate not being called numerous times every day by said bill collectors just in case my sad financial situation has changed from two hours ago…I could have won the Mega Millions lottery you know…if I actually played the lottery…with the money that I don’t have to pay the bills.

Yeah, it is good to be working and doing what I love and do best. I’m sure my patients appreciate that.

I hope my patients appreciate the fact that I wore my hair up in a sock bun for them last night…they should…just saying.


All is right with my little blogging world!

Yes, I am that shallow.

But please don’t fault me too much. A girl like me just can’t help it. I have grown accustomed to your visits. Like any other blogger (who is willing to admit it) I find myself planning on blog posts on a day to day basis. I imagine that you too will be amused or righteously indignant over the latest adventure here under the Big Top. My darling husband and my circus clowns narrow their eyes as they point accusing fingers and declare that I m planning on blogging this moment under the Big Top. I can’t believe that I have become that transparent.

Still just one evening here at the new Big Top site and I find that I have visitors. Oh it is so wonderful to have you here! It’s like having the welcome wagon here ready to help me feel at home. Thank you for finding me and following me over here!

Still as I am arranging the furniture, putting away the dishes and hanging the pictures around here, I find myself wanting to go back to visit my old home. It’s my nature I guess. I still drive by our old house in San Jose. I must confess here that I am so disappointed that the current resident chopped down the mulberry tree in front of the old house. I bet they regretted it on the first hot summer day. The Blogger site will remain for a bit just in case my bitch~kitty decides to go back or I discover that I forgot something. I always forget something, you know. It’s all part of the adventure of moving for me.

Meanwhile there is plenty of other things to distract me and inspire me: returning my new Fendi glasses, the Pumpkin Fair and photographing it for a local business (squee!!), working at Dell’Osso Farms Pumpkin Maze to raise $$ for my cheerleader and tiny dancer, and working extra hours to pay for an outrageous cell phone bill…2000 texts this month?…$700??…WTF? I thought we had a FamilySharePlan! Kid I have to tell you that thank God He made you cute.

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Monday Patio Photo Shoot

John Scalzi writes:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: On Your Porch/Patio

It’s going to hit about 98 here today, and I don’t feel like moving around much, and I expect most of the rest of you don’t either. So here’s a quick and easy Photo Shoot for the Week:Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us something interesting on the porch or patio of your house or apartment. For those of you with neither, fire escapes and window sills will suffice.

Compared to Scalzi-land, it is downright chilly here at 88°! Seriously, this is so nice after that awful, deadly baking we had for two weeks this month. I have been enjoying this “cold snap” by turning off the air conditioner and opening up the windows to let the breezes in.

We also have been taking advantage of the change in the weather to get outside and take care of some yard work or just riding our bikes and trikes.

Aaahhh! Fresh air! This is how summer should be.

It almost makes me forget that $500 utility bill for the month of July.