Laura can’t come to the blog right now because she has been awake for a little more than 40 straight hours, blogging for the last 24, and now, at long last, she is sleeping! Unfortunately, she doesn’t look nearly as cute as her little man, Daniel, does when she sleeps. That is why a photo of Daniel’s sweet slumber is posted.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave. Just ignore any soft snores you might here…not that she ever snores…ignore the little puddle of drool on her pillow and feel free to read through
the last 24 hours of craziness that was all for a good cause.
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After the last 40 hours, nearly 24 of them blogging, I feel like I have just gone through yet another labor and delivery process.
I am surprised that I managed to do it. Perhaps after some uninterrupted sleep for a number of hours, I will look back through the last 40 something posts and just shake my head. I don’t pretend to think I am the best blogger out there. I just write what I think or feel at the moment. That is exactly what I did throughout this exercise in insanity for good.
Thank you one and all for getting me through with sponsorship and encouragement. It is all worth it knowing I did it for the March of Dimes WalkAmerica TeamDaniel

I have been blogging for good all day

another NICU-type question

Thanks Jenny Up the Hill (another blogathon blogger). You are saving my butt asking me questions.
We spent 6 months in the NICU and that whole experience has led my husband back to school to get his RN. He wants to work in the PICU…I’d prefer the NICU where the kiddos can’t talk! lol!
What task do you not mind doing that other NICU nurses you work with hate to do…are you called on to do a particular job?? Does that make sense?? lol!!

I’m with you. I prefer an area of practice where I can restrain my patients with one hand.
I am really good now working with slow to nipple babies. Daniel’s oral aversion and difficulty nippling before he got a g-tube has really helped me perfect techniques to get these kiddos to take the required volume they must eat.
I can’t explain it to well to others. Perhaps because it takes nothing but stubborness and perserverance. Of course some babies (Daniel) are not going to do it no matter how I try and I also have learned to accept that.
I also have more respect/patience for the little BPDers with chronic lung disease. Again, living with one has taught me that.

The final thing is something I have had even before Daniel. I am called on to work with the more difficult families. They type who tend to suck all the oxygen and energy out of the room. They can’t help it, true, but it is very hard to work with such families and many of the most patient, most skilled NICU nurses quickly crash and burn when working with such families. A colleague once pointed out this skill to me calling me the love nurse.
That’s me. I am the LOVE nurse!

I am bloggin g for good all day

NICU question

Thanks to CJ over at Imperfect Christian Blogathon Edition (yes she is blogging for good all day too) for a question to force me to stay awake. I can’t promise how coherent I will be, but I will try.
Hey girl! I stopped by to see how you’re doing! You could write on how being the PARENT of a NICU baby compares to be the NURSE of a patient. Do you now have more compassion or understanding for the parents of the kids you work with? How has one affected the other?

Yes and no.
It’s hard to explain.
Yes, I totally get the fear, the total powerlessness and I really try to relate to parents from that POV.
No, sometimes I find I fight with myself to have more patience and empathy when families lose sight of the big picture like how sick their kid is/isn’t.
All in all, it has made me a better nurse in the NICU. I focus my practice on guiding them to be parents and advocates while in the moment but also directed for the future outside of the NICU now that I know what that is like.

I am blogging for good all day.