Hello (WordPress) world!

Once again, I have (reluctantly) packed up my circus tent that is this blog of mine and moved.

I have no idea why my blog became invisible to so many and no one else seemed to know why either. But I do know that I wasn’t the only one frustrated by it. So here I am pitching my tent somewhere new. Bear with me while I do some unpacking and sprucing up. I am going to be updating my links so leave a comment if you would like me to include you on my blogroll.
In the meantime let me assure you that I am alive and well and blogging away.I hope that you will wave hello so that I know that you made it over here.

a written excuse

Dear Readers of Adventures in Juggling,

Please excuse this blog and others from participation in yesterday’s activities due to the fact that Blogger had severe menstrual cramps.

What else could it be?
Doncha hate it when you can’t log on much less blog on? Hopefully, things will be better today. If not perhaps I should offer a heating pad and a bottle of advil.

I’m a busy little blogger bee!

I have been busy with the blog.

First of all the AOL journal formerly known as Adventures in Juggling is no more. I finally got all the original entries from December 2004 through November 2005 transferred here. It was a matter of priniciple plus given the fact I am a bit of a neat freak and like having everything all neat and tidy in one place.

The other thing is I am busy enjoying the new label feature. I am still unhappy with some bugs Blogger Beta has but I do like the label feature. At the end of my posts will be category labels that link similar posts to one another. Here are the labels I have currently:

Abby * adoption * all about me* bad mama * bills * Blogger * blogs * books * braces * children * comments * Daniel * darling husband * daughters * diapers * dual-income families * encouragement * fitness * fun * g-tube * getting older * good stuff * grandparents * holidays * Holly * home décor * hormones * housework * in the news * Jodie * loss * margaritas * memes * Monday Photo Shoot * music * my own family * my soap box * NICU * nurse * parenting * pets * photography * potty training * prayer * preemie mom * romance * Saturday Six * school * sleep * snarky stuff * teenagers * television * Thursday Thirteen * Vivi * Weekend Assignment * wine * winter * YouTube * Zoë

Bear with me as I have about 400 more posts to categorize as well as getting links to these categories in my sidebar and, as usual, I have much to juggle in real life too. But I hope that this will make your reading about my adventures in juggling here under the Big Top a little bit more enjoyable. Just click on the label tags at the end of each post to read or re-read more about that particular category.

Just call me a giver!



I hate this.
Blogger Beta sucks.
No one can comment and I can’t comment most Blogger accounts and Blogger Beta blogs unless I use one and only one browser. This seems to be a problem especially with any aol subscribers. I tried to bypass this by setting up Mr. Linky but no go. Haloscan looks like it might not work either.
And today I can only access my blog to publish again through one and only one browser.
This sucks!
Their tech support seems to think this isn’t a problem. I mean no one else is complaining.
Someone help me.
you can’t leave a comment because Blogger Beta sucks so email me. NICURNmama@aol.com.

an apology

Kelly, of In My Opinion , and a few others have expressed frustration with the inability to leave comments here. I apologize for Blogger beta although they don’t seem to think it is really a problem anymore. At least that is according to Blogger Buzz.
What do we know really? We are just mere bloggers!
I hope that you (lurkers included) will still comment because I do love comments. Leave a link too.
We can always hope that this non-problem will actually be fixed.
Yes, I am ever the optimist.