best made winter break plans

On New Year’s Eve, Christmas left The Big Top; and it packed up and left very quickly thanks to the help from my darling husband and my favorite son. Nothing more motivating than the idea of kicking 2016 to the curb and getting our New Year’s Party on I guess.

Happy New Year Bitches!

Yeah, she hated us for a moment there.

And so onward because with holidays over and one more week of Winter Break before back to school it was time for a little fun. Block out a week off from work. Have that What do you want to do…I don’t know what do you want to do conversation. Make some plans thinking this week is going to be fun.


You will wake up like this. Guaranteed! At least I am still a majestic unicorn. A sick majestic unicorn who can barely get out of bed and squeak I’m sorry son as he brings you tea and cup of noodles.

He really is my favorite son!

And come Friday, just as you are starting to feel a little bit better, except for the coughing up a lung, you learn that atmospheric river is an actual thing. A real thing that has people in Northern Cali who actually remember the 1997 New Year storm and flooding in the Central Valley to stock up some supplies, clear the gutters, maybe get some sand bags, have the candles ready, charge all the tech devices and hunker down

Probably a very good idea since I am still coughing up a lung and a little bit…okay, a lot of snot! And with the NFL Wildcard Games and the Golden Globes on this weekend, well, I’m sorry son. Spring Break will be here soon.

November chill

Currently holding my mug of coffee.

There’s a chill in the air, outside and inside. So, for the first time, the furnace is turned on here under the new Big Top.

It’s finally feeling like Fall y’all and today I will give thanks:
for cozy flannel pajama pants
hot mugs of coffee
the cozy afghan Zoë crocheted for me last Christmas
for hot flashes that might be a little bit more welcome right now
and for my darling husband being able to troubleshoot and repair the furnace because when we turned it on at first it would not turn on.
A very good thing to be thankful for because the friendly neighborhood HVAC guy couldn’t fit us in until Friday or Saturday. I guess most everyone else in our neck of the woods is turning on their heat for the first time and also, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Some retail workers, police, fire and nurses (like me) might be working but HVAC guys are not…the more you know.

Stay warm.

blame it on the moon

Let’s just blame all the eye-twitching bullshit, short tempers, name-calling and other annoyances on the moon because shining brighter than usual…and bigger than ever until November 25, 2034…it seems to be the biggest and most perfect target to fix blame for it all upon.

And if you love me, think some good thoughts because yes, the effect of a full moon on a night shift nurse’s life is always an adventure; such an adventure in that we often look at the lunar calendar and exclaim, Oh crap, it’s a full moon tonight! God only knows just what that adventure will be tonight.

Take a little time tonight, away from all the noise and distractions that have been hurting our hearts and heads, and just enjoy the Super Beaver Moon.

and even though I know how very far apart we are it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star ~ James Ingram


when you’re mad as hell

I think we can at least agree that some people, most people are mad about this General Election. If you’re like me, you are mad because a candidate who ran on a platform of fear against people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, women, doctors who supposedly rip a full term baby out of wombs, Obamacare, refugees and any other terror he could think of to stir up the masses won the Electoral vote and is now in position to be #45. If you’re not me, you are likely mad because people like me are mad and are standing there with your arms folded across your chest, tapping your foot impatiently and muttering a little. And all of that would be okay. The emotions and rage of the days, weeks, months and actually years that was the 2016 Presidential Election kind of gives us all a pass right now.

People seem genuinely mad right now and a lot less kind right now…even over the idea of a safety pin…and, at the friendly neighborhood Target, Safeway, Raleys, SaveMart and even Walmart near me, Proposition 67. The California Proposition that was placed on the ballot as a referendum to Senate Bill 270. The law banned single-use plastic bags and would have taken effect on Jan. 1, 2015. The ban took effect immediately, which means grocery stores, retail stores with a pharmacy, convenience stores, food marts and liquor stores will no longer provide single-use plastic carry-out bags to customers. So, if you forget to bring your own bag to the store, be prepared to pay at least 10 cents for a recycled paper bag or reusable alternative. This was something that was spelled out VERY CLEARLY in the voter guide and on the ballot itself. This would happen on November 9th…and it did.

It’s an adjustment for some. No big deal for others. I have been using reusable bags for years now thanks to my eco-conscious darling daughter…Mom, those plastic bags live forever and hurt wildlife, you’re hurting wildlife, Mom. Yes, I voted in favor of Proposition 67. So, stopping at my friendly neighborhood Target yesterday, I came in with 4 of my own reusable bags…because even if I was going into Target for just a few things, you KNOW I wasn’t coming out with just a few things.

In line with more than a few things I was audience to two very angry women berating the young store clerk because she was going to charge 10₵ for a bag for their more than a few things.

What is this BS? I did not vote for THIS?! Those stupid propositions aren’t supposed to happen until January. There is NOTHING in front of your store that says I have to pay for a stupid bag!…

Store manager approaching: Actually ma’am there is signage on our entrance as well as at every register. She points to the sign next to the register.

The loud argument continues because THIS my people is worth fighting for…but it’s not. The poor, young clerk looks like she is about to cry and I imagine she has dealt with this war against the right to have free plastic bags ALL DAY LONG.

Oh my god, people! The signage is EVERYWHERE! It has been ALL OVER THE NEWS since Wednesday. It’s the law. Get used to it!

As everyone is suddenly quiet I realize that, yes, I said that out loud.

But it shut the angry women up as they loaded up purchases, bag-less, into the shopping cart and leave. I smiled as warmly as I could at the clerk as I handed her my four reusable bags.

Proposition 67 is law now folks. Get used to it. There is so much more that we can be, and should be mad about post election.

cool pick of the week

If you’re me today, you are wearing purple because today is Spirit Day and it is just one day to put it out there that you don’t tolerate bullying of any kind. You are also wearing leggings and running shoes and a ball cap because after a morning walk-run, you are just too lazy to change because it’s Thursday and it’s errands day and you are rocking your mom-uniform hard today! It really doesn’t matter how you look on the outside because today you are feeling a little bit empowered after that third and final Presidential Debate because, thank gawd, it was the third and final debate and because your candidate owned that meet up…like a nasty woman.

You are driving down 99 to Modesto listening to one of your favorite podcasts when suddenly YOU HEAR LIZ DROP YOUR NAME and that Facebook post of yours when you were last on Facebook being social…except for that photo album from Kathy’s retirement party a few days later because when a coworker has been a nurse for FORTY ONE YEARS, you honor that.

But I digress…

Yes, you are out and about in the 209 running errands while listening to Spawned with Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks talking about the need, especially right now, for some self care because the election season rhetoric of late does make us feel like we just might blow up and you do hear them drop your name because in your little world you imagine that you are the only “Laura” they know.

You scream out loud alone in your car while driving down the freeway and then you laugh until you cry all the while nodding your head yes over and over again because they are sharing some great tips right now for a little self care…which you know all of America needs right now…along with a hug and a pat on the back because we are going to be okay…


It will be. It has to be. I mean remember the 2000 election and how your then 8 year old Zoë was so stressed and worried that America was going to end because we went weeks not really knowing for sure who won the election until the Supreme Court stepped in and Gore conceded like a gentleman and a patriot? Good times those were…not. Yes, not the usual stuff that 8 year old nightmares are made of but the eventual takeaway for her, you and most of America is that every vote does count and it is super hard to fuck up the peaceful transfer of power that has been peaceful since Washington’s term as President came to an end. As horrifying as that orange-faced man is, soon enough he shall be consigned to the septic tank of democracy.

Tell yourself this, Laura and keep on taking care of you and those you love. Tell your family and friends this too…just like you did back in 2000. Also tell all your friends that they should subscribe to Spawned because Kristen and Liz are that great!

Election Day is November 8, y’all! Only nineteen more days…