doesn’t suck

So, yes, it sucks that the mom car decided to try and go up in smoke. It sucks that it will be in the shop at least until the weekend. It sucks even more that it’s problems ended up being more of a big thing which means even more repair costs. But you know what doesn’t suck?

Shannon, from Enterprise, where I picked up my loaner car, thought that I deserved something better than a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla or the tiny blue tin can in the lot that I have no clue what it was. Nope. Shannon felt that I deserved an upgrade.

Shannon might be on to something here. Driving this 2016 Dodge Charger, I was beginning to agree with Shannon. This does not suck.

Daniel might agree too. This kind of mom car does not suck at all.

And something else that definitely does not suck?

Picking up this girl from the airport…in the temporary mom car.


That definitely does not suck.

the people have spoken and, hallelujah, we have been heard

You don’t honestly think that I am talking about the results of the mid-term elections this past Tuesday? Please tell me that you know I’m not talking about that?


One-third of the American people who are eligible to vote turned Congress red and legalized pot and raised the minimum wage in several states and the District of Columbia. We’re going to have so much fun with that.


No, I’m not talking about elections and politics and red versus blue. I’m talking about coffee because it is blood.

When the perkiest barista told me that Starbucks wasn’t going to be bringing back MY holiday drink…the one that signals that it is time play Christmas music…the one that is one of many reasons why I participate in the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak…the one that is oh so delicious and sometimes even more so spiked with a little brandy…the Eggnog Latte…I was truly disappointed.

I would have gotten really angry except for the fact she is so damn cute and perky and happy. Customers can’t help but love this barista, true story.

But I didn’t stop complaining because as much a some people love their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (bleeccchhhh!) I loves my Eggnog Latte.

And clearly the voices of many like-minded people have been heard.

Thank goodness!





it’s not like we exchanged marriage vows

Now when I said that my word for 2013 was EMBRACE I certainly did not mean, dear 2013, to throw as much stinky crap at me as you could in the FIRST FREAKING WEEK!


Sickies, cash flow problems, cars breaking down right after the holidays creating more cash flow problems with bills due NOW, family drama and trauma, more sickies with snot…lots of snot and fevers and aches and pains and coughing and headaches, tears…a lot of tears, throw in a snooty customer service rep from a certain online retail site who points out to you after THEY cancel an order that, according to email from them, was being shipped to you, that perhaps if you had ordered the combat boots you need back in October or November when they carried a FULL AND COMPLETE inventory you would have the combat boots you desperately need for your dancer’s competition dance as if you actually had KNOWN what faux combat boots your dancer would need back before the holidays…



Seriously 2013?

It’s not like we exchanged marriage vows promising all kinds of crazy love through sickness and bad times and poor times and frustrating times…

Er…did we?

At least I don’t think we did.

You know that I am already married, right? Celebrating THIRTY YEARS with my darling husband this May.


I still intend to honor my plan to EMBRACE this year but hey, 2013, lighten up just a little bit…please. At least while I am under the influence of this Dayquil/Nyquil cocktail.

Love and hugs,


may I have melted butter with that?

So Daniel and I welcomed the diversion of an afternoon at the movies. We have been cooped indoors for several days because of the smoke in the air. Daniel’s chronic lung disease makes playing outside the last few days pretty much out of the question and even he can grow weary of playing Nintendo, Wii, assorted games, reading books, watching favorite movies, playing with play-doh, painting and annoying his sisters. The movie was a lot of fun and Daniel proved to be a delightful date as he likes to cuddle which is a good thing since I foolishly forgot to bring a sweater. Sure it is 90+ degrees outside but that means the AC must be set at say 50°. Right?

Like other folks, we enjoy the whole experience of a day at the movie theater. Not only do we relish paying the (over)price of admission, we also enjoy shelling $4 or so for a small Icee or small popcorn or a box of candy. After all it is all part of the cinema-going experience. But our local multi-plex goes even further to make our encounter all the more memorable. While waiting at the deserted concession stand for the young lady working there to help us we were treated to her fly swatter skillz as she smashed and smeared a fly on the counter right in front of us. She then looked up and asked if she could help us.

I grimaced as I looked down at the fly carcass and asked, “Will you clean the counter before you take our order please?

She rolls her eyes, and with a huff sprays disinfectant cleaner everywhere and gives the counter a half-hearted wipe down then looks up again and asks if we want anything. It was at that moment I was wishing that this young lady at another multi-plex was waiting on us.

missed it by that much

To the man and the lady in the little orange aprons:

You blew it today.

Caught up with the spring home improvement frenzy that has been taking place here under the Big Top, the Ringmaster, a.k.a. my darling husband was ready to spend some coin on a sweet hardwood floor installation of approximately 850 square feet. Unfortunately, as you usually tend to do when he is in your fine establishment, you ignored him. It’s not like you didn’t know he was there. He was standing maybe eight feet away from both of you when he asked a question about wood flooring.

Too bad!

I wonder what kind of reception he might get from the man and the lady in the red aprons.