daily Hazel observations

Hazel is turning FIVE this weekend and she has already established the fact that this milestone is a big-assed deal.

Turning five is HUGE!!!

And so with the countdown to five, Hazel has become just a little bit reflective, as soon-to-be five year olds do. Looking back through The Daily Hazel, Hazel is quite impressed that her Mima recorded so much of her first year of life. Now she is impressed! Ten years from now she will likely regard my faithful record of her early life as creepy. Nevertheless, Hazel has also noted that during the first year of her life she spent a lot of time sleeping,

looking at herself in the mirror,

and being kissed by her mommy.

That’s exactly true!

So much wisdom and she isn’t even officially five yet. We all just might be in a little bit of trouble here under the Big Top.

daily Hazel #173

Every sweet little girl needs a pretty, pink tu-tu for her first birthday party so that she can feel like a pretty, pretty princess…and every sweet baby girl with hard-core white trash roots needs to don JUST the pretty, pink tu-tu because that is how she rolls.

One day before her first birthday, Hazel celebrated her milestone surrounded by lots of friends and family today. She scored some great new toys, books and, of course, many more pretty, pretty outfits for a cute, little toddler girl. As of tomorrow she won’t be a baby anymore but a toddler. At this rate if she keeps on growing this crazy-fast I’ll be writing about her high school graduation in a couple of weeks. Slow down, little girl! let your Gma, mama and the rest of this circus act enjoy and savor this stage a little.

daily Hazel #172

Just look at her and drink in her deliciousness. Those amazing, thick, long eyelashes! That strawberry-kissed blonde hair of hers! That delicious pink, chubby, long body of hers!  Her sweet, husky voice that is vocalizing a daily rapidly expanding vocabulary! She is the most delicious, delightful grand daughter ever…I challenge any and all grandmoms on that one. It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago her mama was walking the floor and the neighborhood just trying to coax this girl out into the big, bad, bold world that she has without a doubt claimed as her own. But here we are, one year later and look at her!

Hazel is taking a quick break fueling up in anticipation of her big birthday bash today at “Grandma Dannie’s” house. “Grandma Dannie is actually 22 years old…22 going on 55 which would make her older than me!

Hey, if you aren’t doing anything today come join us at “Grandma Dannie’s” for the par=tay. There will be cake for Hazel to tear up, cake for us, a kiddie pool and a jumpy thing.  Doncha just love 1st birthday parties? I do. I’m looking forward to (and hoping to get some great cake-all-over-the-face pictures) Hazel tearing up and killing that birthday cake of hers.

Whoo-hoo! Par-Tay!

daily Hazel #171

Come Monday it will be a year since Hazel first came to join our family circus.

OMG, a year has gone by! Look at her now!

I have to admit here that I was absolutely furious with Holly that she “allowed” her darling daughter to grow while I was in the hospital in isolation and not allowed to see her. I mean, how could she?!

Now that we are getting ready to celebrate the grandgirl’s first birthday I’m not sure how much longer I will continue The Daily Hazel feature. Don’t worry, it’s not like I won’t blog about her or post so many cute grandgirl pictures that someone might comment, “Good God put away the pictures of the grandchild, woman!” I’m just thinking that as she gets ready to kiss infancy goodbye it will be time to move on. But before I decide for certain (I have been know to change my mind on occasion) I invite you to share with me your favorite Daily Hazel. Yeah, it might take awhile to go through the 170 entries before this one but I know you’ll love spending the time watching this girl grow and change so fast over the course of a year.

daily Hazel #170

A little tweak here, a little tweak there…here a tweak, there a tweak, everywhere a tweak-tweak…

Just a little photoshop magic and it is easy to see that Miss Hazey-Face is not so overexposed after all.

Can you believe that this girl is going to be ONE in NINETEEN freakin’ days?! Well, she is! She sure has grown and changed a lot.