he’s got confidence

When asked a number of times this past week if he is ready for high school, Daniel quietly answered, I’m confident.

He was.

He had his schedule. He mapped out his route through the campus. Backpack – check. Laptop – check. New binder – check. School approved ball cap – check. Alarm set – check. He was ready to join his 453 fellow freshmen. From a class of 68 in 8th grade to a class of 454 – talk about a little fish in a big pond! It’s a big pond with only 3 of his classmates in 8th grade joining him because boundary lines are real and really enforced. But he was confident.

He was confident right up until he got out of the car this morning. But he walked across the street towards his new school anyway. Seven hours later – how did it go? The locker remains a problem. He got lost once. Only one of his friends is in one of his classes and he did not see the others at all. And he was starving – actually he was HANGRY. Why no brunch or lunch, I ask. Because the mass chaos in the cafeteria was much too much.


He reported it was so loud and crowded, people were pushing and shoving and he could not make heads or tails out of where he could pick up food or pay for food and he was still frustrated that he got lost finding his 3rd period class and afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find his 4th period class he just left the chaos assaulting his already stressed senses and sat outside his 4th period class waiting for the bell to ring.

How was your day mom?

The first day of school for a freshman can be overwhelming – and it was to the point that he was trying so hard to keep his shit together on an empty stomach in front of me. He’ll get this I assure him. It doesn’t take a day though. The fact that he only got lost once and wasn’t late to any class is amazing.  That locker might always be a problem – or maybe tomorrow it will open up the first try. And the cafeteria? Let’s brown bag it for now and focus on getting comfortable with this new campus, new teachers and perhaps getting to know some of the other 450+ freshmen who likely had a day like him.

And so belly now full and talking today’s frustrations out, confidence is a little bit restored.

Mom has about 6 more gray hairs that Hollie will need to cover soon and the beginning of a new worry line. But I also have new wallpaper on my phone to enjoy. compliments of my favorite 4th grader and kindergartener.

School Year 2017/2018, we are here!

everyday is an adventure – they say

Allow me to introduce you to Kingston.

Kingston belongs to Hollie, Ben, Hazel and Fallon. Kingston is adorable. Kingston is smart. Kingston loves to dance. Kingston loves to hump – pillows, blankets, stuffed toys – anything that doesn’t move that he can wrap his front legs around, Kingston will hump it – All. The Time. Kingston is indeed adorable; but his sex addiction is not. So, because I love my kids and grandkids – and Kingston too –

He might be mad because he thought that ride in the Mima car meant an adventure. He might. Then again, he did crawl up into my lap right after I got this shot and soon after jumped into the Mima car imagining that a fun adventure awaited.

Oh, and he still humps anything that doesn’t move.

He’s a dog.

We shall file this under The Things I Will Do For MY Kids And Grandkids file. You’re welcome, kids! And you’re welcome, Bob Barker!

Nothing gives me quite so much joy as when people tell me they’ve had their pets spayed or neutered.
– Bob Barker




Nothing remarkably profound to say or do or share here except to say how thankful I am for time – time to spend making silly faces, whispering our best secrets and making the best pillow forts together on the floor under The Big Top with this girl who, like her mother, like her sister is growing up much too fast.

Slow down, please.



I realize how fruitless my imploring is; but look at her! Can you blame me?

I want more.

I need more.

Time – please.

unicorn dos and don’ts

Unicorns are in the news this week in a very big, almost sickening sweet kind of way. Please don’t ask baristas like my darling daughter how they really feel about that flavor changing, color changing, totally not made up Unicorn Frappuccino because they just might tell you. I would add too that you and I don’t need to chide them either reminding them that they should just be thankful that they have a job making our frappuccinos because frankly, every barista I have known…or have given birth to – times three…is actually mostly thankful making lovely caffeinated and sugary concoctions and greeting all who pass through – whether those whom they serve return the greetings or not. But, like you, like me, like pretty much every single human on the planet who has a job, some days the job just sucks and in order to convince ourselves to come back the next day to do it all over again, a person just has to vent…a little…a lot. If you have never, ever, ever hated your job and complained even just a teensy, tinsy little bit, well then I guess you get to be the unicorn who can tell a barista to shut up, be thankful and make that frappuccino now, dammit. But yeah, the Unicorn Frappuccino seems to be a big thing and just might be the most basic thing too.

I might be right.

Meanwhile, unicorns, that are the gingers, the 2% of this world, are not cannibals so we shall stick to our strawberries and cream, caramel cream and cold brews as we do.

After all, we need to be properly fueled for our unicorn-y, Spring Break-y, Mima and grand girls adventures.

Choosing THE song of the Summer because, sure it’s only April but, Summer is coming. Get ready. We told you here…today.

And creating,

as unicorns do.

Has it really been TEN years since I was last coloring and creating at Color Me Mine, now, in it’s new location known as Pottery Magic Modesto?

Oh my goodness! It has! It has been ten years. But honestly, I don’t have the time to think about that.

It’s time to pick up Uncle Daniel and yeah, we might be unicorns, but we just might be a little bit basic too, as we are taking selfies in the school pickup line.

Okay, one more because my grand girls asked me to.