same song, same theme, three years later

Three years ago, Jodie was placed in charge of the class of 2014 Senior awards and class favorites assembly before their commencement. Because it was almost as big of a deal as the commencement, she put her all into it to make it the most memorable and best ever. Clearly it was training ground for planning future events, her upcoming internship and her major. The theme of the event and music chosen for the video montage to be played was Drake’s Started from the Bottom. Seemed perfect. Everyone liked it; which is no easy feat with a diverse group of 350 people. Check that. Everyone liked it except for the one who had absolute power over all the Senior grad plans for the Class of 2014, the Senior Class Advisor. Mr. C. declared the theme Started from the bottom, now we’re here to be the absolute worst theme because the lyrics were, well, they were explicit. Never mind the Top 40 radio edit version was being used because the kids will KNOW the dirty lyrics. No, nope, no! He suggested another song as the theme with music and lyrics so banal that no one can recall what it even was.

And now three years later…

I present to you the 8th grade graduation theme. The clean version of course. As for Jodie, she’s not bitter. She’s too busy being a part of the planning of a state’s Taco Festival.

Meanwhile, I present to you the first day and last day of 8th grade.

Now we’re here!

the big top trifecta

Thirty four years ago today…

…we both had big hair. I had the tiniest waist and yet I thought I was fat in that Gunne Sax dress. Oh, and we got married. A good thing because a few years later, Hollie made us parents; which meant on occasion our wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day would be on the same day. Then twenty-one years ago today…

…this child of ours crashed our anniversary. Naturally it would follow that on occasion May 14 would be our wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and our Jodie’s birthday (in that order here under The Big Top, of course). Three times since 1996 to be exact.

Weird that we are all not together; I mean what young adult turning 21 wouldn’t want to celebrate it with her Dad and Mom on their 34th wedding anniversary and on Mother’s Day? Oh well. There is always May 14 2023; our next May 14 Trifecta.

seems just like yesterday

It really does seem just like yesterday.

…or perhaps a week ago…and even like ten or twelve years ago.

I don’t know.

But yes, it was literally a week ago that this woman-child of mine went back to school for finals and tonight is back home again for the holidays…

and sleeping now because who sleeps during finals week?

But yeah, it really does seem like yesterday when this was her signature.

parade maker

And now we will pause for a moment of parental bragging because when you are a parent who has a blog sometimes you do that.

My darling 4th daughter made a parade…for a university…for their homecoming. It’s kind of a big deal for the university and for the city of Tempe and my kid made it.

Of course a homecoming parade for Arizona State University is not something one creates over night. No. Months and months of planning and hard work and stress and emails and reams of paper and telephone calls and meetings go into it. Thank goodness for a great team, that you put together, backing you up, working just as hard as you are.

Yet when the night-before-the-parade nerves just might get the best of you, thank goodness for Mom to remind you that it’s going to be just fine because all those years of dance competitions and recitals and high school student leadership events has prepped you for a moment like this. Trust yourself, mom tells you, because you got this and so much more after this.

Like I said, it’s what moms do. Plus, your mom knows that you got this.

Yes you did, my darling daughter! Just like I knew you would.

And you did it wearing the most amazing fanny pack as Homecoming Parade Directors do!